Results with Gonstead Technique in Loveland

Results with the Gonstead Technique in Loveland

Results with Gonstead Technique in Loveland

Are you thinking of getting chiropractic care using the Gonstead Technique in Loveland? Learn the results of this chiropractic method to decide if it's the right therapy for your needs.

What is the Gonstead Technique in Loveland?

Gonstead is the "gold standard" of chiropractic methods. This technique uses a concise 5-point analysis to evaluate and diagnose health problems. Gonstead chiropractic care begins with x-rays and visualization by one of our chiropractors. This gives us a complete picture of your ailments and misalignments, so we can treat them.

Next, we use both static and motion palpation to feel the spine, note areas of stiffness, and check for restrictions of movement.

Finally, we make adjustments using a special tool called the Nervoscope. As we pass the Nervoscope down your spine, the instrument shows heat distributions, an indicator of inflammation.

As you can see by this thorough 5-point analysis, only the Gonstead technique gives us sufficient information about your spine. With this information, we can make precise chiropractic adjustments that relieve pressure and inflammation, decrease pain, and help you heal.

Why Our Chiropractors in Loveland Use the Gonstead Technique

Our chiropractors in Loveland rely on the Gonstead technique to heal back pain, neck pain, subluxations of the spine, and other conditions. Once we identify areas of inflammation and subluxation through our 5-point analysis, we can make precise adjustments to restore alignment and relieve subluxations.

Gonstead adjustments have a hallmark of precision, specificity, and accuracy. We adjust only the areas of subluxation, leaving the rest of the spine alone.

Our adjustments are quick and painless. While it takes a series of adjustments to correct biomechanics in the body, many patients begin feeling better after their first Gonstead adjustment.

By restoring your natural alignment through chiropractic care, we restore your range of motion while decreasing joint pain and stiffness. This promotes recovery after auto accidents, sports injuries, and ergonomic injuries.

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