Have you been involved in an auto accident in Loveland?

Chiropractic Loveland CO Auto Accident

Auto accidents can not only total your vehicle they can also leave your body in tremendous pain and dire need of repairs. Fortunately, you can get the help you need through conservative care methods that help you feel better and heal naturally. If your life has been turned upside-down by the physical effects of an auto accident in Loveland, you need to pay a visit to Thompson Valley Chiropractic. Either chiropractor at our clinic, Dr. Jon-Eirik Holm-Johansen or Dr. Becky Holm-Johansen, can provide you with effective, non-invasive auto accident injury treatment.

How a Car Accident Can Wreck Your Health

Even a low-speed car accident, with impact occurring at just a few miles per hour, can transfer impressive amounts of force to a vehicle's occupants. Using your seat belt harness can properly save you from being thrown out of the car, but it can't hold your body completely immobile. If your head is snapped forward and backward at high speed, for instance, you may end up with the notorious hyperextension/hyperflexion injury known as whiplash. The stresses on your neck can tear soft tissues, herniated cervical discs and even alter the curvature of your cervical spine, producing symptoms that range from pain and stiffness to headaches, migraines, nausea, and tinnitus.

But whiplash is only one possible injury requiring car accident injury treatment. Your lower back may receive enough of a jolt to lose its lumbar spinal alignment, pushing joints and discs out of position until these structures press against the sciatic nerve. This compression can produce sciatica symptoms such as low back pain and leg pain, as well as tingling, weakness or loss of sensation in your foot. The one-sided restraint of a three-point harness can also cause twisting of the trunk that leaves you with back, chest or shoulder pain.

Non-Surgical Car Accident Treatment Options in Loveland

While some auto accident injuries cause immediate agony, others may "hide" from your attention for days or even weeks, a delayed reaction created by shock. But this absence of symptoms can be even more damaging in the long term because your injuries grow worse as you fail to seek treatment. Whether you feel or injured or not, get a spinal evaluation at Thompson Valley Chiropractic as soon as possible following your accident so we can determine whether you need immediate car accident injury treatment. Your chiropractor in Loveland can prescribe a number of natural, non-surgical treatment options, including:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments: to bring your vertebrae and vertebral discs back into line
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy: to treat injured discs and relieve pinched nerves
  • Graston Technique: to break up internal scarring from an old auto injury
  • Soft Tissue Therapies: to speed healing and relieve pain without drugs

Your chiropractor in Loveland CO is ready to help you overcome the devastating effects of a car accident. Call (970) 203-0597 to schedule non-surgical auto accident injury treatment!

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