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5 Stretches for Back Pain Relief in Loveland, CO

Here at Thompson Valley Chiropractic, we're all here also for your wellness needs. Stretches play an important role in back pain relief, and we often recommend them to our patients during rehabilitation. Learn 5 stretches that can help reduce chronic complications and promote a higher level of functionality in your life. Please consult with your chiropractor prior to engaging in any of these lower back stretches.

1. Knee Into Chest

Lying on your back, lift one leg and bend the knee so your calf parallels the ground. Reach behind your knee and hug the knee into the chest, keeping your other leg flat on the floor. Hold for 20-30 seconds, then switch to loosen tight hips, realign the pelvis, and ease low back tension.

2. Spinal Twist

Lying on your back, lift one leg, cross it over the other, and extend your leg to the side while keeping your shoulder on the ground. Your extended leg may hover or come to the ground, depending on your level of flexibility. This increases core strength and stretches the back and glutes.

3. Reclined Forward Bend

Lying on your back, bring both knees into your chest. While hugging the knees, lift your head off the ground and curl it forward. This gives the entire back a forward stretch, encouraging flexion of the spine and dynamic input to your soft tissues of the back.

4. Hug Knee to Torso

Sitting cross-legged, grasp one knee and hug it into the torso, stretching as far as you can. Keep the chest raised, rather than slumping into the stretch. This stretch targets the piriformis, which causes sciatica symptoms. Hold for 30 seconds, then switch.

5. Sphinx Pose

This yoga poses increases circulation in the low back, promoting healing. Lying on your back, prop yourself up on your elbows. Press your feet and palms into the ground for stability. Push your hips forward and down, to connect to the muscles in your lower back. Breathe naturally to relax muscles.

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